Sunday, July 27, 2014

What If Your Church Was So Well Off No One Had Needs? - Part 11

Community, Social Justice, Giving and Evangelism

Last time in part 10, I talked about "Prosperity Theology". This time I'm talking about another of my Faith Heroes.

George Muller

Mr Muller is most well known for his work with orphans. He saw a desperate need in 1836 set up what was to become a significant undertaking.

What sets him apart is that he did it all on faith. Fans of George Muller are very quick to point this out but they completely miss the rest of his story. Mr Muller did not do this work all by himself. He had supporters. More than that, he made sure that every penny he received was accounted for.

Yes he lived by faith but that faith consisted of not specifically asking anybody for support at any time, let along when the need was the greatest. They prayed and God supplied in time. But it wasn't as if nobody knew about what he was doing. His staff were whole hardheartedly committed to the cause and made huge sacrifices, personal and materially to make the thing work and there were many associates.

The impressive part was that at no time did the children or the staff go without what they needed. That did mean that they sometimes went without things they wanted but that is different form what they needed and they were to learn that lesson over and over again.

Never-the-less, the children were clothed and educated. Moreover all, including staff were fed, housed and looked after.

I remember reading about Muller in bible collage; how could I not be inspired. Little did I know that latter in life I was to gain an association with his work, all be it a distant one. My future wife would have relatives that were bought up in these orphanages.

I was to learn that they no longer exist, as the state have taken over the role of looking after orphans. But the Muller community still exist, they now run homes for the elderly and more. Still my wife's relatives, remember their time in the orphanage with great fondness.

But this community is nothing like the one I referred to earlier that ended with a very bad reputation. This one always paid their bills, kept excellent books consistent with their time.

Next time in part 12, the final in this series of posts; I'm going to talk about "God's Economy" as I sum up.


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