Friday, February 5, 2010

My first Over Seas Trip: Invergowrie 3-Aug-1978

We have kept our activities to a minimum in order to recover from our trip through Europe.

We did do one bus ride to the five Lochs and I have sat in on a bible study held were we are staying by Alison who is staying here too.

I also went to judo after about 5 days. Thought I had to take it very easy (perhaps only another Judoka wold appreciate such a comment).

And we did go to town in Glasgow.

But today we traveled to Invergowrie.

Map Of Invergowrie
It was a brief trip by train. We had to go via Dundee though.

We planned to meet Eric at Invergowrie station but we missed the train. He had been staying with relatives for a few days and we had to catch a taxi to meet him.

We then went to the post office as all the phones were out of order, to try to phone Ann & Bill Lawson with whom we had arranged to stay with but found their shop in the same shopping centre.

We were given the use of the car and drove to St. Andrews to the wool mills and after seeing the town (the place were Golf was supposed to have started), we went shopping. Everything was pure wool and was really quite cheap.

We traced a bit of our family background and bought the appropriate tartan in a tie form. I was supposedly related Ross McDougal & Munro via McCulloch (My grandmother on Mum's side) and I could not decide which tartan or type (dress or hunting) that I like best so I bought 4. I also bought a pure wool thin polo neck shirt which pleased Mum no end as she had been plaguing me to buy another shirt.


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