Friday, January 29, 2010

My first Over Seas Trip: London Glasgow 26 - 28 July 1978

The flight to London was good and and I enjoyed talking to all the different people. It just makes me so much more aware of world views and the Australian reputation (Bad usually). Landing in London was to leave us with a bit of a problem however. We discovered that George & Edna were not able to put us up as Edna was going into Hospital. So after some deliberation asking an English Bobby and some phone calls we ended up staying with some friends of Eric's. After all the travel there was nothing more pleasurable than to stay in a real home. We then contacted our people in Glasgow and arranged to travel there by train. We hard to go there via Edinburgh however as there was some industrial trouble. So we headed for the station only to discover that all the trains were nearly full and that we were going to have to wait in huge cue to try to fight our way on one. Eric decided that he could not cope with that so he used Mum's being in a wheel chair and got a porter to put us on train before anyone else. When halfway there however the diesel broke down. In the twenty minutes of waiting as it is with most times of waiting I found myself rather homesick. Now I realize what it must be like for people who have never traveled.more than a few miles from home or what is familiar to them and then find themselves in a strange environment. When we finally arrived we did not do much but rest. I must say however that it was more to recover from our travel sickness rather than jet lag or anything else like that. The environment in Scotland is very pleasant though a little cooler than we expect our summers to be. It was intriguing to see the sun come out and have everybody walking around in shorts and tee shirt complaining how hot it was when I'm walking around in a roll neck jumper (sweater) to try and keep warm. It's also strange to experience such long periods of light . It is 10:30 PM and the dark has just come.


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