Sunday, November 8, 2009

My first Overseas Trip: Yugoslavia from Greece: Belgrade to Zagreb

July 21 1978

We had to get off the boat at about 6:30 am in order to catch the plain to Belgrade (I gather it is pronounced Beograde).

We landed at what I gather was the International Airport and then get a domestic flight the rest of the way. Looks more like a local airport.

We then caught the train for Belgrade to Zagreb. Phew!

The train, so far is interesting. Just like traveling from Melbourne to Geelong except that they come to you wit the food to buy. A guy walk down the isles with a tray or trolly. It all seems quite normal really. I'm not really sure what I was expecting but it's almost a let down.

I for got to mention that we met another Roper on the Boat. Her name was Sandy. Unfortunately I lost her address in a most embarrassing way. (Latter I tried to write her a letter using what memory I had of the address but to no avail.)

I was taking Mum to the Toilet, Which at the Belgrade station is communal, in that there were no Male Female toilets and literally a hole in the ground. I'm not kidding you had to squat over a hole. It was really hard work supporting Mum whilst she squatted.

Anyway I had Sandy's address in my top pocket for some reason, I guess it must have been the last thing I picked up as I got off the boat, and as I lent over to help Mum out came the note pad I had the address on. Straight down the whole. I could see the note pad and I really wanted that address: but not that much.

The night life on the boat really only got going the last night. but I didn't join in. I just sat and watched because I was really not well enough, so I just went to bed early.

Sad though the Americas had some really interesting dances that I would have been keen to learn.

The Agriculture here is interesting. There are crops with corn right next to crops with sunflower; that's next to one which is fellow and that next to one for hey. Not at all like Australia where you would have one crop that goes on for miles before it changes.

This is a very green place and we are seeing our first rain since we left.

The train is like a peel hour buss now and nobody seems to get off: just on.

The people are all very polite and very chummy. However though no one can speak english which is a little daunting as I speak no Slavic what so ever and we don't know were we are staying yet.

Isn't language funny as we got off the train and were wondering around trying to get our bearing we came across a hair dresser. How did we know it was a hair dresser? Because it had the barber chairs etc.

So what does that have to do with funny language? Well perhaps, I've gotten my first lesson in Slavic. We think a hair dresser is called a ... FRIZZER, because that is what it said on the shop window.


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