Sunday, November 15, 2009

My first Over Seas Trip: Yugoslavia (Zagreb) - Rome July 1978

Well the Lord did provide in Zagreb. There was a nice hotel just down the road from the youth hostel and we were grateful.

The train trip though interesting was exhausting. All we wanted to do was have something to drink, something to eat wash and a sleep.

Eric has yet to find out what he did wrong on the train trip. He crossed his legs on to his thigh but the guy across from him went off his nuts. It seems as though showing the sole of your foot is some sort of insult. Never the less the reaction did seem to be over the top. But he had been drinking.

Because the train was so demanding we decided to go to JAT, the Yugoslavian airline, and see if we could get a flight back to Belgrade.

The main purpose of the trip to Zagreb was to visit a church that Mum had always wanted to visit.  She had had a picture of this church on her wall at her shop since forever many year and so I was determined that she was going to see it.

It was easy to find as it was the biggest church you'd ever seen and it was right in the middle of the city. About 10 minutes walk from where we were.

A very funny experience it was to see Eric try to get a photo of it using his wide angled lens. He had to go way back and then lay on the ground to get it all in. I only ever had a little instamatic camera so I just took two photo's (I stuck them together when I got home).

Mum was absolutely dwarfed by the church. You can see her, a tiny person in a wheel chair. She was so pleased and was very glad that we had not decided to go straight to Roma as we had originally planed. Then we headed for the Airport.

In Belgrade the Lord provided once again. We were told by the tourist people that we would not get a room because there was convention in town. Yet the first place I rang had room. It cost us the princely some of $8.00 AUD each.


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