Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My first Over Seas Trip : Rome 23 July 1978

On Arrival in Rome, again the Lord provided because we were going to have to catch a taxi from the airport to the railway station in order to talk to the tourist people so that they could arrange a place for us to stay. This was not undoable but when you are touring with someone in a wheelchair the less mucking around you have to do with Taxi's the better.

We spoke to the information people at the railway station so as to arrange a Taxi and the person we spoke to decided to do some calling around hotels. Bingo! The first place call had vacancies.

The first night here was quite good. We went to an outside café, as most cafes are thoughout Europe (isn't it interesting how times change. In the late 70's early 80's outdoor cafes were not seen in Australia now they are just as prevalent as in Europe). We had a nice pizza, a club sandwich and two large glasses for our drinks. It seemed a little expensive but we though it worth it.

(On a recent trip to Rome we discoverd that not much has changed food is still expensive by our standards but the atmosphere is worth smoking up. One of the most famous streets in Melbourne today is Lygon street. Famous for it food and a big percentage of that food is Italian. It was funny, I said to my wife that being in Rome felt so comfortable it was just like being in Lygon Street.)

A big problem has become apparent wherever we go now in that we are never sure if we are getting ripped off with the constant change in currency. It's easy to see now why the new Australian imigrent is so sensitive about their money. He too for the same reasons is never sure if he is being riped off.

Monday (the next day): We simply went walking. We went to see the ruins of the Roman forum and the Coliseum. This was a mistake as it is much more interesting with guide and far less tiring on a bus. I still like to walk around without all that because bus tours are a bit cattle truck like, but I've decided that the walking around anywhere but close to your hotel on the the first day is a mistake. That sort of thing should be left to when you are a bit more orientated. So the next day we took a tour bus.

(To Be Continued)

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