Saturday, October 24, 2009

My first Over Seas Trip: Rodes 20th July 1978

We went to Rodes yesterday and saw a huge castle that belonged to the Knights of St John. These were later to become the Knights of Rodes and latter the knights of Malta after they had surrendered to the Turks.

It is believed that at least part of this castle was used as a hospital and this is where the St Johns ambulance have their roots. I'm becoming very skeptical of a lot of the information I get from the guides these days however.

The castle is so well fortified that it is speculated that someone had to have betrayed them in order for them to have had to surrender.

The Knights were a religious order in the crusades, from many different nations. A book and picture would tell more than I could but the story is interesting. Well...

The castle is reconstructed by peoples imaginations as to what they think it was like and what was left of the original castle, it's full of art from other destroyed churches etc. and I got board! So I didn't by a book.

I'm sure that there are an enormous number of people that are interested in all that kind of stuff but after all they can go to the library just like I can if I ever revive my interest. It's good to have it in my minds eye though. At least I have a better idea now of what the crusades may have been like.

Today we have just stayed on the boat, talking and swimming with people. In my current state of health I need it. Today is also the last day of the cruse and Mum has really enjoyed herself.

We have landed in Crete. We sat and watched people ride horses up a dirty great hill. Good luck to them I say.

Tomorrow should be interesting. The boat docks at six, the plane leaves around eight and the connecting train leaves about twelve in Yugoslavia. Go, Go, Go!

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