Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My first Over Seas Trip : A Greek Island Cruse - Ephesus

18th July 1978

We are now on our Cruse of the Greek Island and it's Ok.

The staff are much better than our first contact. Which is a bit of a relief.

I've been surrounded by people of different

cultures all my life in Australia and I had difficulty adjusting to the prospect that people in their own country behave differently to what they do in the country to which they live.

Mum has been coping a lot better than I thought she would.

We haven't gone on all the excursions.

We all skipped  Mykonos.

Their was a bit of a misunderstanding between us in that for some reason Eric was under the impression that we expected him to stay with us.

However although the company is great, realistically mum cannot go on all the excursions and to expect Eric to miss them is just not fare.

I any case it has been cleared up now.

The excursion today was to Ephesus. We missed the English speaking bus because we had to be last to get mum on and off the boat safely so we caught the Spanish speaking one.

At one of the bus stops we nearly lost her because we didn't realize that the bus was picking us up at a different point to were it dropped us off . Mum was shading under a tree. We had to get a Taxi to go and get her and bring her back to the bus stop.

The most striking thing about Ephesus is that with all the talk of it in the New Testament we still think of it as a port. Now days the original pier that the Apostle Paul would have sailed from is miles away from the sea because of silt run off over the centuries.

There was an American Baptist minister touring with some of his congregation. I realize that he was excited to be amongst all this stuff but I was mystified why he felt the need to constantly interrupt the tour guide to repeat to his congregation what the guide had just said.

We think that we live in a society that is advanced technologically.  But as you wander down the streets of Ephesus and realize or more accurately got told, that the the holes in the middle of the path we were walking down were put there to support torches to light the streets, you begin to realize that there are no new ideas in the world, just revamped ones. The only difference between our street lighting and theirs is the type of globs used. They even had flushing public toilets in this town.  Isn't it interesting importance the Roman empire and it's technology had on the spread of the Gospel.
Seeing the temple to Caesar was very interesting. Way better than trying to imagine it when they talk about it in the Bible.

Off to Rodes next.

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