Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My first Over Seas Trip : Greece Athens

15th July 1978

First impressions of Greece Athens are something else.  I'm not talking about the things to see. There are plenty of those. But the people here are so aggressive. We had a number of conflicts from the moment we landed. The worst was getting Mum off the plain.

This one guy was determined to carry mum down the stairs in her chair. I gave in but I shouldn't have. She was terrified. There was a blatant refusal to accept that mum could walk down and even taking her in the chair could have been much better handled by me, who knew what I was doing.

I know, I know they were only trying to show respect to an old disabled Lady and I am trying to take into account the differences in culture, but this was not the only conflict we had.

The final straw for Eric was he had his Australian Flag stolen, ripped right off his back pack. No real damage but it capped what should have been a good day.

We didn't really have time to look at much on our trip to the hotel. Everything just kind of whizzed past on the trip there. But there is no doubt that there is a lot to see here.

The Hotel is not up to the standard that we have been used to, for the same price elsewhere. But its just a stop over.

We begin the cruise tomorrow.


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