Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My first Over Seas Trip : Tel Aviv

13th July 1978

The first thing that we did after some rest today was to go to the Australian Embassy to try to find Vara (the daughter of a friend of Mum's).

We not only found her but came across a young woman, a fellow Australian, who was without accommodation because she had, had some trouble staying with some friends. Mum decided to help her out. So the four of us went walk about, did some shopping and generally got to know the place.

We tried to walk to Jaffo (Yafo). But it was too far. So we found our way thorough the streets and markets to the Tel-Aviv city museum. That night we went to Yaffo by taxi.

It was very pretty but it's not really something I have the skill to describe in writing and worse none of the pictures came out. This is it (right) of a day time but it has nothing of the charm of the evening.

The best part of the day was when we went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. The water was warm and dirty (but not too dirty) that is it didn't seem of feel polluted in any way just a dirty color.

Our evening meal was most interesting. There was what might be called an open air restaurant where you could choose you salad and meat on a Shishkabob (skewered barbecue meat). You were given flat bread to eat it on. (funny how times change what was unusual then for an Australian is common place now and they are just called Kabarbs ed.)


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