Thursday, February 19, 2009

My first Over Seas Trip : Hong Kong Day 2


11th of July 1978 Tuesday.

Today we visited one of the street markets. The smell was foul. (after another recent trip to Hong Kong it occurs to me just how arrogant that statement in my diary was. The smell of course was not foul, except maybe for the chickens ;-) it was just not what I was used to. ed.)  But it was very interesting, nothing was refrigerated and most  of the was killed on the spot. One guy had a cage full of frogs.

The customers picked their frog. The guy took it out,  belted it's head on the table, removed it's outer skin and gave it to the customer.

Very normal to them but quite disturbing to those new to it all. You can just see the frog on the skillet in bottom left hand corner of this photo.

From there we went back to the YMCA to meet Eric's cousin, Nigel.

We went with him to Hong Kong Peak via a cable car (Left).

The view is fantastic! But the slope is so steep mum was terrified (Below)

There are actually stations on the way up.

We had lunch on the peak.

Nigel then had to leave us, so we went on a cruise about the harbor (Mum on the Harbor - lower Right).

Two things ... no three things stuck me:

1) The refugee squatters houses (left). Built on the side of a steep mountain with scraps, steeling electricity from road lamps (remember this was before the colony was reabsorbed into China. None of these places exist now. The poverty is still there it's just better hidden. ed.)

2) The wall of lights at night. Very pretty but so many. It's just a wall of lights at night.

3) The number of Americans around. I guess I just didn't expect to see so many Americans. Who knows why.

Nigel is a policeman in Hong Kong and he was telling us that they have to remove up to 6 dead bodies a month from the boats returning from the USA. Due to overdose of drugs. It's because the drugs they get from the USA are stronger than they ones they are used to and they overdose.

Getting Taxi's is fun. The drivers here are worse than Sydney taxi drivers. They stop for little and yet never seem to get out of second gear.

Mum has given us some interesting times with going to the toilet. Getting down the stairs on the boat was fun but the best one was when we were taken to one of the guest rooms at the "Mandarin"(Left) because there were too many stairs there for the wheel chair to get up to the toilet. This is one of the best hotels in Hong Kong. Everybody is so nice about it.

Something else that had me intrigued was all the building going on. All the scaffolding is bamboo.  I didn't realize that as well as being cheaper it has as similar strength to steel and is more flexible. (Construction worker stacking bamboo - right)

And another day has gone.



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