Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's this Blog About

They thought they had heard it all.

But they hadn't and I want to make a record of it before it all goes away.

 Confused ? Well don't be. Here is what I'm trying to say.

The other day I was going through some old photo's that I took when I was about 20 and was traveling around the world with my friend. It occurred to me that I had what I thought a lot to say and a lot to show people but all my friends had heard it all.

Well at least they thought that they had heard it all. People love to hear a story but they don't always like to hear the whole story. So that is the idea of this blog.

I want to write down not just my thoughts but also my experiences over the years before they get forgotten.

There is unlikely to be anything chronological about it so I hope that no one will be confused but I want to write things down as they interest me. I think that way they may interest other people.

So I hope you like it.


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